Stream these David Elias Albums and Singles as MQA on TIDAL:

Crossing (Remastered) - 352.8k
The Window (Remastered ) - 352.8k
Half An Hour Away (Remastered) -  44.1k
Time Forgets (Remastered) - 44.1k
The Toll Road (Remastered), single 44.1k
Lost in the Green - 44.1k
Angelo (Spontaneous Acoustic) EP - 44.1k

These titles are not yet identified on TIDAL as "M"asters for unknown reasons having something to do with the artist's independent/unsigned status. So far attempts to contact TIDAL to correct these omissions haven't been successful. Meanwhile the albums play/stream perfectly fine as MQA music in the full resolution they were intended.


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