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Stream these David Elias Albums and Singles as MQA on TIDAL:


Crossing (Remastered) - 352.8k
The Window (Remastered ) - 352.8k
Half An Hour Away (Remastered) -  44.1k
Time Forgets (Remastered) - 44.1k
The Toll Road (Remastered), single 44.1k
Lost in the Green - 44.1k
Angelo (Spontaneous Acoustic) EP - 44.1k

Albums are missing "M"asters designation simply because TIDAL, who was founded by musicians supposedly for musicians, will not recognize an unsigned artist who is not with a major record label or otherwise delivered to TIDAL under supreme agreements of some mysterious ilk known only to insiders, that indie artists, at least this indie artist, apparently don't qualify for. I've tried numerous times to contact TIDAL on this...and reply of any kind. So much for the rah rah "for musicians" mantra at TIDAL. Still the MQA and other lossless music sounds good, no complaints there.

Meanwhile, rest assured that these titles above play as authenticated MQA with the proper decoding software and/or hardware setup.



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