Dylan's "Buckets of Rain"

SINGLE Release July 31, 2020: "DOWN A HILL"

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NEW Single Release September 1, 2020: THURSDAY (Ukulele)

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"Thank you for the song DOWN a Hill I really like it and will get some air play with it, great sound !!!!!!  Great to get your music and seeing you re- produce some previous material along with producing some new stuff and must tell you  I get a buzz out of presenting your music, keep up the good work my friend and take care" - Pete Hammond, DJ in NSW Australia

JUNE 28, 2020 - RELEASE... EXTRA (acoustic)

David Elias - Equinox Balance Acts


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Hawaii Government responses to and political effects of the coronavirus pandemic, 2020 (Hawaii)...more

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"This song - Stand in the Middle - and many of your other songs, e.g., Silver Pen always leave me a little wistful … a little melancholy. I experience a kind of sadness. But this is not an unpleasant feeling or one that I try to subdue or suppress. And I am basically an upbeat and optimistic person. I really can’t fully explain it." - Gary R.

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