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David Elias - The Window

The Window (Stereo and Multichannel DSD64 Downloads)

One of the most talked about and listened to pure dsd recorded, both stereo and 5.1 surround sound. Not too many audiophile trade shows or high end demos or historical discussion of sacd, dsd, hi-res, 5.1 multichannel go by without "The window" being talked about and/or carefully listened to.

Landmark hybrid multichannel SACD (2003) still used by many audiophiles as reference for pure DSD and excellent recording and reproduction quality audio. Available in Stereo and 5.1 Multichannel as DSD Download since November 2009.

Recorded live studio to Sonoma DSD64 workstation by Gus Skinas (Sony SACD Project) at Immersive Studios in Boulder, CO. No edits, overdubs or effects added to this pure DSD recording, mixed on the same Sonoma using proprietary Sony DSD Mixer card. Never has left DSD domain until you play it as analog.

This recording was the world's first independent artist full hybrid 5.1 SACD released in 2003.

Recorded, Mixed, Mastered as PURE DSD64 by Gus Skinas.

NATIVE DSD64 Stereo (1 bit/2.8mHz) - $21.95 ~ PayPal is secure.

NATIVE Multichannel 5.0 DSD64 (1bit/2.8MHz) - $21.95 ~ PayPal is secure

Download "The Window" Lyrics/Photos PDF Booklet  The Window - Original SACD Notes/Lyrics/Photos PDF

"Every 'great' recording requires 'great' music, and that's what this disc is all about. The result can truly be considered a work of greatness. From the moment the disc begins, one is instantly grabbed by the intimate soundstage; Elias sings the majority of lines no louder than a whisper, almost as if all the songs are lullabies, but it sounds as if he's doing so while sitting on your lap, such is the feeling of a real, confined acoustic space and a close proximity to the performers. The experience is startling, even to a hardened listener such as myself." - Stuart Robinson - High Fidelity Review

"If you want to know what SACD is all about...then get a SACD player and this SACD. Every time I queue it up in my 5 disc changer/player, even if I start doing something else in the interim, I stop and sit and smile for at least a song or two when this one comes up. David's voice and acoustic guitar, the supporting musicians, the clarity of the recording, the overall production of the album are second to none. Many, if not most, other SACD recordings are mixed into the SACD format either after being recorded before DSD/SACD format was invented or after being recorded on the more typical/standard studio equipment; a true DSD recording, such as this one, is still a rarity. If you're an acoustic music fan this one is a must have." - S. Whittenton