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"This song - Stand in the Middle - and many of your other songs, e.g., Silver Pen always leave me a little wistful … a little melancholy. I experience a kind of sadness. But this is not an unpleasant feeling or one that I try to subdue or suppress. And I am basically an upbeat and optimistic person. I really can’t fully explain it." - Gary R.


"A remedy to today's angst ridden music...

David's music always brings a sense of delight. It's music about nothing and everything at the same time. I know that sentence sounds completely contradictory but it's what I feel. He is able to take the simplest passing fragment of a scene - which maybe arrived fully formed in his head and maybe not - and weave a wonderfully poetic story of great complexity. 

This work [David Elias & The CasualTees, Live in San Gregorio], performed live in an intimate venue that he knows so well [San Gregorio General Store, California], gives both a sense of intimacy and authenticity that imbues these tunes with charm and warmth. An added bonus is the sound is great - just the right amount of room sound to create and support the vibe in that venue. All of the musicians are first rate and I especially like the guitarist. Backup vocals also excel. This is feel good music and his good time becomes our good time. I felt welcome to the musical party. 

In these days of psychological angst, David's music is an antidote. The common semantic thread with all these tunes is frankness, honesty and acceptance without regret - so often hard to come by in today's music."

- Gary R., ardent audiophile

About The Artist

Self taught acoustic guitar singer-songwriter David Elias lives in Hawaii. He has played music all his life. He has written songs since earliest teen years. He became an adventurous musician online in the earliest Internet days (his music first online in 1996 with an HTML typed website hosted by Netcom in San Jose) and began self-producing a seemingly endless menu of music and styles, settings, backing bands and artists on his own label Sketti Sandwich Productions. In the early 2000's he participated as an unsigned artist to pioneer some of the first hi-res technologies (DSD) creating the most realistic listening reproductions for listeners in both stereo and 5.1 surround sound (multichannel), virtually placing the listener in the studio with the artists performing their live session being recorded.

He went on to learn how to create his own HD/Blu-ray videos (2008) using his own music and large catalog of still photography of natural beauty. In 2016 he became involved in another milestone in hi-res audio as an MQA Artist Partner delivering for the first time natural sounding CD (PCM) and DXD (up to 24/384k) as small file downloads as well as at low bitrate / high resolution streaming on services like TIDAL and 7Digital.

He writes lyrics that speak to all in different ways and seem to even change in meaning over time. Kind of like life itself. Listen to his naturally recorded, honest and authentic music and get back in touch with what music really means to you.

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"out of a dream
out of the sky
into my heart
into my life..."

tom petty (1950 - 2017)
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