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Miracles Take Time (for Paul Pena)

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Recorded live studio, La Honda, California. From "Rare to Go" CD release (

David Elias: acoustic, vocal
Charlie Natzke: acoustic
Scott Beynon: electric bass
Ken Owen: drums


Miracles Take Time - David Elias

On and on now don’t be late. Silver weights on silver plates. Autumn lingers, can’t escape. Miracles take time.

Sing me now your hands must rest. Your body leans against the fences of its own strength time has tested. Miracles take time.

Tell me now, remind me soon how silk roads wind under the moon. Carry a windless silver tune. Miracles take time.

Lightly now, and none to bear silver words on songs to share. Silent tears your heart has bared. Miracles take time.