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David Elias - Independent Acoustic Music

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Solo Acoustic, Open Tuning

This song was among the very first I ever recorded on DSD in 2000, on the Sony prototype 2-track archive workstation that Gus Skinas was involved in. I was in Boulder and we setup 3 mics to capture to 2 tracks with no mixing or editing. The workstation (had no name, eventually evolved to Sonoma on Windows NT but to start was a small handmade device with a small screen) recorded to an early DSD format that was not readable as the later DFF and DSF formats. I got a 16/44.1k PCM conversion of these at the time and still have those original takes.

The truth is in the listen. I have about 17 songs from this session and among the first both Gus and certainly I had heard on any live recordings. We were taken back by the startling realness of what we heard come out of the playback. Again, no mixing or editing we just wired the 3 mic lines from preamps directly into the 2 (L and R) DSD ADCs hand built by Ed Meitner.

Early DSD as PCM corrected by MQA. A historical timeline in itself.

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