Data DVD mailed to you with SACD audio files you can play in your BDP/UDP or from PC or Mac

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PLAYS as .DSF on SACD / UDP /BDP Media Players

Avoid the Headaches of DSD Downloads...

DSD on DVD Data Discs shipped to you!
Identical Audio Quality to SACD Master

- Handmade and Hand Verified in Hawai'i
- Prepared and Signed by the Artist
- No Large File Downloads Required. Discs shipped to you Priority Mail.
- Play .DSF files from any SACD media player (OPPO, Marantz, Denon, Yamaha, etc.)
- Play .DSF files from computer media players (JRiver, Audirvana, Amarra, Roon, HQPlayer, etc.)
- Identical sound quality to SACD Master
- Get DSD in the mail. (U.S. Only)
- No DRM - Easy to copy data files from DVD to computer to play or to backup and archive
- Skip the online music download headaches - get the music in the mail and play it!

Have it shipped on the highest quality DVD. Plays DSD like any SACD! Easy To Backup, No DRM!

DSD on DVD Data discs made here...  DSD on DVD Data discs made here...No Download, No Computer, Just Play It.

"I'm very glad to say that the trade winds from Hawaii have bourne your music safely & speedily to Dublin this afternoon." - Bill K., Ireland, DSD on DVD Data disc listener

"Yes I'd prefer the DVD, I have a few downloads, but they lack that physical connection with the music you get from deciding to listen to something, picking it out and playing it, be it Vinyl, CD, SACD etc. A bizarre view maybe!" - Duncan S., UK

Does your Blu-ray or Universal Disc Player (BDP, UDP) support SACD and media files (from USB, network, etc.)?  If it does you can buy a DSD DVD Data disc and play it like any other audio disc (CD, SACD).  NO COMPUTER REQUIRED!

You can now buy the DSD studio masters and have them mailed to you on high quality data DVD's. These discs will play in any BDP media player that supports DSD/SACD. Think of them as a USB stick, except they are DVDs instead.

Pro Quality DVD-R verified for 0 miscompares and read errors. Handmade for you, signed and shipped by the artist. The DSD Masters on disc play in your UDP/BDP like an SACD. You can archive the data as well if you like.

David Elias - DSD DVD Data Discs - Masters Shipped to You on Disc

On my OPPO 103 I place the disc in the player, close the tray, press the right arrow once to select "Music" on LED screen (no remote, no monitor on), then press the Play button.... Chill time. Other UDP players operate in similar ways.

Same exact DSD master, same exact sound quality as SACD or DSD Download. Just insert in BDP player to play. You can back up (archive) it to your computer as well and play it from there if you like.

"Crossing" and "The Window" Multichannel DSD source master audio files (DSF) are over 5 Gigabytes for each album.  Downloading 5 GB's is very challenging for some. Then when they get it, they have to make it known to their computer audio software or media server or other player library. None of that is necessary with DVD Data Discs hosting the same audio files. They play as-is from any BDP/UDP supporting SACD.


Why wait for the large DSF files to download (200MB average stereo, 500MB average Multichannel per song). Simple purchase using secure PayPal online (any credit card or your PayPal account).

DVD-ROM Data Disc (single or double layer as needed) with DSF Masters Shipped Anywhere Within the United States within 48 hours


If you have any questions at all please contact David here...

David Elias - Coffeehouse DSD Playlist #1

Coffeehouse DSD Playlist #1 - Stereo DSD Master - DVD Data Disc

A top shelf reference quality sampler of the artist's work, curated from released PURE DSD albums.

Hand picked curated tracks from the various native DSD releases spanning different styles/genres touching on folk, bluegrass, country, heavy wood, and solo singer/songwriter.

This is a sampler of David Elias's well known albums in the hi-res and audiophile communities. Recording in DSD since 2000 and receiving awards and accolades from all levels of the music industry and listener forum's, blogs, and .org's.

Try This Sampler To Get Acquainted!  Songs on the Coffeehouse Playlist #1 come from Native DSD Master releases including "The Window", "Crossing", "Acoustic Trio", "Slipper DSD Sessions".


Stereo DSD (1bit/2.8MHz) - $24.95 + shipping ~ PayPal is secure

Download Coffeehouse DSD Playlist #1 PDF booklet with lyrics Coffeehouse DSD Playlist #1 - Notes/Lyrics PDF

Songs: 01. The Old King, 02. Half An Hour Away, 03. Rodeo On A Ridge, 04. Mend My Mind, 05. Close My Eyes, 06. Morning Light/Western Town, 07. Vision Of Her, 08. Poor Polly, 09. Aspen Rose 

"This morning I am playing David's [DSD song] files on HA-2/PM-3 and must report that it's among the highest fidelity I've experienced. All other repro falls away as being 'less than'. On 'Morning Light Western Town', deep bass definition is beyond that of anything I've heard and vocal naturalness, solidity and realism truly awesome. John Havard's guitar work, transcendental." - Dez - 40 years an audiophile, now a mobile HRA convert

 Click to see full song list and hear previews...

David Elias "The Window"

The Window - Stereo or Multichannel DSD Master - DVD Data Disc

One the audiophile world's most sought after reference quality recordings, stereo & Multichannel

Landmark hybrid multichannel SACD (2003) still used by many audiophiles as reference for pure DSD and excellent recording and reproduction quality audio.

Recorded live studio to Sonoma DSD workstation by Gus Skinas (Sony SACD Project) at Immersive Studios in Boulder, CO. No edits, overdubs or effects added to this pure DSD recording, mixed on the same Sonoma using proprietary Sony DSD Mixer card. Never has left DSD domain until you play it as analog.

This recording was the world's first independent artist full hybrid 5.1 SACD released in 2003.



DSD Stereo (1 bit/2.8mHz) - $24.95 plus shipping ~ PayPal is secure



Multichannel 5.1 DSD (1bit/2.8MHz) - $24.95 plus shipping ~ PayPal is secure

"The Window" SACD Lyrics/Notes/Photos PDF Booklet   The Window - Original SACD Notes/Lyrics/Photos PDF

"Every 'great' recording requires 'great' music, and that's what this disc is all about. The result can truly be considered a work of greatness. From the moment the disc begins, one is instantly grabbed by the intimate soundstage; Elias sings the majority of lines no louder than a whisper, almost as if all the songs are lullabies, but it sounds as if he's doing so while sitting on your lap, such is the feeling of a real, confined acoustic space and a close proximity to the performers. The experience is startling, even to a hardened listener such as myself." - Stuart Robinson - High Fidelity Review

"If you want to know what SACD is all about...then get a SACD player and this SACD. Every time I queue it up in my 5 disc changer/player, even if I start doing something else in the interim, I stop and sit and smile for at least a song or two when this one comes up. David's voice and acoustic guitar, the supporting musicians, the clarity of the recording, the overall production of the album are second to none. Many, if not most, other SACD recordings are mixed into the SACD format either after being recorded before DSD/SACD format was invented or after being recorded on the more typical/standard studio equipment; a true DSD recording, such as this one, is still a rarity. If you're an acoustic music fan this one is a must have." - S. Whittenton

See song list and hear full previews...

David Elias "Crossing"

Crossing - Stereo or Multichannel DSD Master - DVD Data Disc

the knockout followup to "The window" live studio pure dsd recording. Dynamics delivered through exceptional acoustic performances all captured on SONOMA DSD, never converted to PCM for editing.

Live studio sessions recorded directly to Sonoma DSD workstation by Charlie Natzke at -- Mixed without edits or overdubs on Sonoma as pure DSD using proprietary Sony Mixer Card by Gus Skinas at

"Doesn't get any better than this. Euphoric! David has hit on all cylinders with this one. May as well be as inviting him and his wonderful band into your living room. Every aspect from composition,personnel and end results in the mastering process are as good as these 55 year old ears have heard. I can't wait til the next one." - Tom Huffstutler


Stereo DSD (1bit/2.8MHz) - $24.95 + shipping ~ PayPal is secure



Multichannel 5.1 DSD (1bit/2.8MHz) - $24.95 plus shipping ~ PayPal is secure

Download "Crossing" Lyrics/Photos PDF Booklet  Crossing - Notes/Lyrics/Photos PDF

"From the first note, it's apparent that this is an extraordinary recording...This is intelligent and melodic pop folk-rock, and Elias's singing is honest and tuneful." - Kal Rubinson, Stereophile Magazine.

"When describing the sound of Elias’ previous Super Audio CD release The Window, I described it as “a reference quality recording”. Crossing is clearly in the same category and some might even say it sounds a bit better. Listening to Crossing on a quality Super Audio CD Surround Sound system is a true pleasure. As with his previous Super Audio CD, Crossing features a mix of soft singing that some have referred to as almost a lullaby style and other tunes that have a more upbeat tempo." - High Fidelity Review

See song list and hear full previews...

David Elias "Acousic Trio DSD Sessions"

Acoustic Trio DSD Sessions - Stereo DSD Master - DVD Data Disc

One of the most frequently downloaded pure dsd albums on both continents. Acoustic trio will put you right in the midst of artists performing for themselves in the studio.

Recorded direct to DSD on Sonoma, uninterrupted single studio session (4 hrs). No edits, no overdubs, no effects or compression of any kind. Pure acoustic. Pure DSD.

This recording was mixed by David Elias on the Sonoma DSD workstation using the proprietary Sony DSD Mixer card. Similar to "The Window" and "Crossing" these native DSD recordings have never left the DSD format or domain and been converted to anything else.  They only become analog when they get played by your system!

A best-seller on and other hi-res audiophile favorite go-to's.


Stereo DSD (1bit/2.8MHz) - $24.95 plus shipping ~ PayPal is secure

"What excellent compositions…exceptional performances…and rich, harmonic, organic sound, as natural and mellow via DSD as one could wish...10 stars...Love it, big time" - Dr. David W. Robinson, Positive Feedback

Click to see songlist and full previews...

David Elias "Slipper DSD Sessions"

Slipper DSD Sessions - Stereo DSD Master - DVD Data Disc

defying easy description as far as genre these innovative acoustic/electric gems are some of the most engaging DSD masters you will ever hear.

Just when you thought you understood "genre" you get Independent Acoustic ranging from heavy wood trio to electric quartet and a chilling solo thrown in for good measure.

The Slipper DSD Sessions are the result of live studio sessions performed by David Elias, Charlie Natzke, Chris Kee, Scott Beynon and Ken Owen in the small intimate studio at Slipperworld, La Honda, California in the redwoods on the Northern California coast.

These are some of the hidden treasures on studio takes that didn't get on other album releases but have their own eclectic qualities as a collection here. Even the quote below from music aficionado and muse Beth Patterson hints at what's in store for you here.


Stereo DSD (1bit/2.8MHz) - $24.95 plus shipping ~ PayPal is secure

Download Slipper DSD Sessions PDF booklet with lyrics Slipper DSD Sessions - Notes/Lyrics/Photos PDF

"Wow! It's ["Poor Polly"] like Pink Floyd set out hitchhiking across Death Valley, camped out in a haunted house, then kicked the shit out of its ghosts." - Beth Patterson, Songwriter

Click to see song list and hear full previews...