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MQA Sampler - 9 songs various resolutions (16/44.1 MQA to DXD 24/352.8 MQA)

Download the Studio source masters of each of these tracks as MQA encoded, at bit rates ranging from CD master quality (16/44.1) to the hi-res DXD bit rate 24/352.8kHz. PLAYS on any media player.

$19.95 from secure PayPal (use your PayPal account or any credit card)

Songs are from these albums: "Illegal Copy #2", "Live in San Gregorio", "Rare To Go", "Slipper DSD Sessions", "Crossing", "The Window". and an unreleased track "40 Days - Summer skies".

Songs are MQA encoded as FLAC at varying bit rates (16/44.1, 24/44.1, 24/48). They can be played with sonic improvements on any CD or media player. Hi-res tracks will also be unfolded to their full resolution using an MQA compatible USB DAC.

Other benefits of MQA are corrections of time smearing (aka temporal blurring) common to PCM recordings, providing a much more focused audio image on playback with less of the harsh glare edgy sound typically found in this media format and most CDs published to date.

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