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Read John Darko's explanation of MQA as a better way of encoding PCM
no matter how it gets played back on any equipment...


"One thing I like about MQA is that it puts provenance ahead of sample rate." - Darko

Interview From Down Under in NZ,
"The High Resolution Musician"


About the Artist's Music...

"There is nothing like great music, except great music in a superb quality. I really enjoy the timbre and dynamics of your recordings, which I think the non-compression takes at least some credit for." - Erik N., Denmark

"I've been an audiophile since before they even called it that. My love for music led me into things that allowed me to be involved with the industry in many other ways besides actually being a musician.

First let me say you are one very talented musician. Aside from the recording the two downloads [Crossing, and Acoustic Trio] I bought were outstanding just thoroughly enjoyable listening experience. I love the soulful way you play the guitar and your lyrics are incredibly powerful.

The unique thing is that there wasn't one song I didn't enjoy as much as the other. That's never happened to me before. I've always had 2 or 3 songs I like as opposed to everything else on the recordings I bought or listened to. I was really blown away! Every track had its own unique journey.

I use the word journey because that's what it felt like. Each track seemed to take you on a journey ultimately yielding to an experience of its very own. The lyrics expressed through the music combined left me in a place of awe. Seriously each taking ahold of me leading on to a fulfilling emotional experience. Each unique and distinct from the other but always creating a hunger for more.

I got to tell you I've been an audiophile for 40 years (I'm 65). Never have I enjoyed nor experienced from music what you were able to do and communicate through your heartfelt expressions. Well done! Congratulations." - Doug L, underground FM DJ in Berkeley in the 60's...

"Sounds like Chris Rhea / Dire Straights - Very Good" - Dale on Facebook 5-star Review

"The CD I have is David Elias, Rare to Go, December Solstice. I also have the MQA download version. YOU have a beautiful voice Mr. Elias, and you have created a stunning CD. You have poured your heart and soul into your work, and especially this recording. I think it's a masterpiece, it's that good." - Online Audiophile

"Enjoy your music, a friend used your material to introduce me to MQA, because of that I had to buy a Mytek DAC - thought you would be interested to know I picked up on your CD's recorded at KAOS in Olympia that is signed by all the engineers etc. Anyway, thanks for your commitment to quality music." - Dave S.

"Yesterday I've visited your homepage and saw your offer for the Two Track and just downloaded it.
First time hearing‎: Amazing. Full time relaxing with a lot of joy. The foot bobs up and down with a grin on my face. Pure emotions. Your recording quality is really fine. MQA on my XRP sounds great." - Joerg D., Germany

"Hi David, Amazing sound quality with the MQA. Your music is extra enhanced with MQA. I am using a Mytek Brooklyn Dac that can handle MQA and listening thru my Martin Logan electrostats. - Stig B., Sweden

"I don't know how you did it, cause technically its not possible, but it sounds higher res than a CD - its awesome quality music too." - Fiona Joy, Blue Coast SACD/DSD recording artist, Grammy Winner

"The sound is incredible.  The loudspeakers vanish.  It sounds like you and the band are right here.  Very well done with the music and recording." - Herb B., High fidelity music listener

"How did you get it to sound so amazing in my funky little computer speakers?" - C.P., Music Lover hearing MQA encoded master tracks

"...the MQA sounds like you have more room to breathe,… It is just easier on the ears. In the low regions there is no distortion, even when I turn up the volume more than I would normally do and the high regions sound ‘calm’. What is even more important (I never met you in person, so maybe I am wrong), I think your voice is sounding more like the original in the MQA version." - Eric B., Audiophile

"In your work I have been amazed by the presence and intimacy of your voice that creates a closeness and a bond that is impossible not to stop and listen to the lyrics. Congratulations also for the lyrics that I would define not stories but single emotions and moods (clearly yours, but that each one can share), in one word poems. In the end I do not know if I could explain what I felt; I simply felt emotions, desire to understand and share your own emotions." - Anonymous Hi-Res Listener

"The more I Listen to the CROSSING MQA CD  the more I’m impressed with it , just fabulous , I’m doing a fill in this afternoon for 3 hours of Country Rock and Bluegrass and will be featuring CROSSING MQA" - Pete, DJ in Australia 2Max FM 91.3

"Finally, took a moment to listen with headphones. DAMN!" - Bill H., drummer on the Big Island

David Elias is an MQA Content Artist Partner



"Crossing" - DSD at NativeDSD
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Listen to David Elias hi-res on TIDAL
as "Crossing (Remastered)"

"The more I Listen to the CROSSING MQA CD  the more I’m impressed with it , just fabulous , I’m doing a fill in this afternoon for 3 hours of Country Rock and Bluegrass and will be featuring CROSSING MQA" - Pete, DJ in Australia 2Max FM 91.3

"Modern society tends to pigeonhole modes of thought into ‘scientific’ and ‘artistic’,..."

David Elias Catalog on Tidal - CD Quality Streaming - Over 20 Titles 

"Angelo" (16/44.1), MQA release Jan 6, 2017

"Lost in the Green" (16/44.1), MQA release July 1, 2017

"Crossing (Remastered)" (16/352.8). MQA release Sept. 1, 2017

 New Single Release on 9/19/2017
"Didn't Want To Know"

David Elias - Didn't Want To Know 

Can you tell what resolution this was recorded at?

"Two Track Mind"
A Planet-First MQA CD - Solo Acoustic!
Plays great on any CD player and can be ripped

New Solo Acoustic Release on CD with MQA! Any Player Works! 

"Purest exfoliation of acoustic signal I've ever heard. The ambience or sound around the sound is breathtaking. Atmospherics. Revelation of the vessel from which the sounds issue." - Phil

"Let me say that this recording has, in many ways, the best sound quality I’ve heard. Intimate, solo acoustic — David and guitar." - Dez

This is one of the very first MQA CD discs for sale on the planet...Buy it, Rip it, Enjoy it! MQA Studio Authenticated.

Great album ..  listened to all of it on TIDAL!"

No one has heard these solo acoustic tracks prior to this 2017 release. They are recorded with just two microphones (2 tracks!)  on voice and guitar.  Mic'd close and intimate. Solo Acoustic.

Hear it for yourself.... CD is for sale online. Plays from any CD player.  Plays with Studio Authenticated MQA from CD or ripped (ALAC, FLAC, WAV, AIF).

David Elias May 2016
MQA Announcement

MQA Sampler! You don't need special gear. Sounds better than CD. Plays on any Media Player.

MQA Sampler by David Elias - Exclusive on Bandcamp  David Elias - Independent Acoustic 

Try 9 songs at different MQA Studio (Blue Light) Quality..get it here

DSD Conversions to DXD and MQA Encoded by MQA Ltd., UK

Songs from "Illegal Copy #2", "Live in San Gregorio", "Rare To Go", "Slipper DSD Sessions", "Crossing", "The Window". and an unreleased track "40 Days - Summer skies"

These studio master recordings from a variety of audio resolution sources including CD Redbook quality tracks, hi-res PCM (24/96), and DSD (2.8mHz, 1-bit converted to DXD 24/352.8). All tracks on the sampler are MQA encoded files at low bit rates (16/44.1, 24/44.1, 24/48), that can be quickly downloaded and played on any audio player with improved CD sound quality. The hi-res tracks upper frequencies are unfolded by a MQA compatible DAC or software player for even further sonic improvements.

Read more about MQA at MQA Ltd.

David Elias is an MQA Content Partner


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DSD on DVD Data Discs shipped to you!

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DSD on DVD Data discs made here...  DSD on DVD Data discs made here...No Download, No Computer, Just Play It.

"I'm very glad to say that the trade winds from Hawaii have bourne your music safely & speedily to Dublin this afternoon." - Bill K., Ireland, DSD on DVD Data disc listener

 100% Pure Native DSD Albums
Stereo and 5.1 Multichannel
DSD Downloads since 2009

 The Window - Stereo and 5.1 Mch DSD Download     Crossing - Stereo and 5.1 Mch DSD Download     Acoustic Trio - Stereo DSD Download     Slipper DSD Sessions - Stereo DSD Download     Coffeehouse DSD Playlist #1 - Stereo DSD Download

Now as DSD on DVD Discs mailed to you!

PFO Brutus Award to  "In addition, I award David Elias a 2005 Brutus for the brilliant work that he's done with DSD in 2003 and 2005 on his exceptional recordings, 'The Window' and 'Crossing'. If you haven't treated yourself to these two exceptional recordings, you're missing what DSD can do with well recorded sources. Not only that, but David writes terrific music!" - Dr. David W. Robinson, Editor in Chief

"I just listened to the Mch download from NativeDSD. I remember starting the playback with track1, then the room disappeared while the music played. It was as if I went into a trance, captivated by a great performance and wondrous sonic. 10." - QuadraphonicQuad Forums

"Your recordings are so 'native' and unaltered it sounds like you all are standing in the circle in my living room doing the performance just for me."

What is DSD?!     Why DSD??!!    How-To DSD???? 

David Elias - SACD/DSD Download Pioneer Bio

 Streaming Hi-Res with MQA!
Here's the Acoustic Artist Hi-Res TIDAL playlist
of David Elias songs on ARTIST RADIO

David Elias Catalog on Tidal - CD Quality Streaming - Over 20 Titles 
David Elias

 New CDs with Downloads Included

30 songs recorded as written on iPhone by the artist        Rare To Go - CD and Download 

"I don't know how you did it, cause technically its not possible, but it sounds higher res than a CD - it's awesome quality music too." - Fiona Joy, Blue Coast SACD/DSD recording artist, Grammy Winner

"The CD I have is David Elias, Rare to Go, December Solstice. I also have the MQA download version. YOU have a beautiful voice Mr. Elias, and you have created a stunning CD.You have poured your heart and soul into your work, and especially this recording. I think it's a masterpiece, it's that good." - Bob C.

 NEW Exclusive MQA Encloded Releases

  New Release - Illegal Copy #2 - CD Master Download with MQA encoding       David Elias - Independent Acoustic Roots - Original Solo Acoustic from 1995 

"Had he come out 15 years ago, he'd've still had the opportunity of climbing the US charts; nowadays only soulless comet-singles make profit for a month, so David is destined to be relegated to an indie cult, but if I were him I wouldn't be too disappointed... He'll be remembered as one of the last poets on north-American soil to release high-quality music under every aspect." - MARKUS GANZHERRLICH, RockMetalBands.com

David Elias CD and HD Masters
Encoded with MQA

Preview these and other CD and HD masters online...  

MQA is simply a new way of encoding normal digital audio (PCM). It can be applied to any resolution of PCM from CD quality (16/44.1) to the highest resolutions that PCM has to offer (24bit/384kHz).

I have master quality recordings in all ranges of this format (CD to hi-res). They are now encoded with MQA. They sound better. T

hey can be played on ANY PLAYER!  You can even choose the PCM format you like the best: FLAC, ALAC, WAV, AIFF. MQA encoding is transparent to the media format in that regard. But it does sound more natural and more real like the way it was recorded in the studio or in the pub or in the big public auditorium theater :)

If you have an MQA DAC (Digital Audio Converter) there are additional benefits to playing these recordings. But the MQA DAC is not required. These all have surprising sound quality either way.

David Elias - Rare To Go, 2015, MQA Master   David Elias & CasualTees - Live in San Gregorio - MQA Master  David Elias & The Great Unknown - Half an Hour Away, 2001   David Elias - Great American Music Hall win XING - Live MQA Master   David Elias - Time Forgets, 1997, MQA Master   David Elias - Lost in the Green, 1996, MQA Master  David Elias - MQA Master Sampler - CD to HD, Hi-Res Masters   David Elias - The Window - MQA Master 24/352.8 from DSD Source   David Elias - Crossing - MQA Master 24/352 from DSD Source   David Elias - Acoustic Trio - MQA Master (24/352) from DSD Source   David Elias - Coffeehouse Playlist #1 - MQA Master 24/352 from DSD Source   David Elias - Slipper DSD Sessions - MQA Master 24/352 from DSD Source 

Definitive Documents (for your education) written for The Absolute Sound  all appear in a single PDF here:  MQA Revolutionizes Digital Audio...

Here is the AES Paper on MQA from Oct. 2014 as PDF


- DE

David Elias Hawaii
Aloha! E Komo Mai!
Tom Petty ~ 1950 - 2017 ~ Aloha Nui Loa
"out of a dream
out of the sky
into my heart
into my life..."

- tom petty (1950 - 2017)
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