DSD on DVD Data Discs

Data DVD mailed to you with SACD audio files you can play in your BDP/UDP or from PC or Mac

PLAYS as .DSF on SACD / UDP /BDP Media Players

Avoid the Headaches of DSD Downloads...

DSD on DVD Data Discs shipped to you!
Identical Audio Quality to SACD Master

- Handmade and Hand Verified in Hawai'i
- Prepared and Signed by the Artist
- No Large File Downloads Required. Discs shipped to you Priority Mail.
- Play .DSF files from any SACD media player (OPPO, Marantz, Denon, Yamaha, etc.)
- Play .DSF files from computer media players (JRiver, Audirvana, Amarra, Roon, HQPlayer, etc.)
- Identical sound quality to SACD Master
- Get DSD in the mail. (U.S. Only)
- No DRM - Easy to copy data files from DVD to computer to play or to backup and archive
- Skip the online music download headaches - get the music in the mail and play it!

Have it shipped on the highest quality DVD. Plays DSD like any SACD! Easy To Backup, No DRM!

DSD on DVD Data discs made here...  DSD on DVD Data discs made here...No Download, No Computer, Just Play It.

"I'm very glad to say that the trade winds from Hawaii have bourne your music safely & speedily to Dublin this afternoon." - Bill K., Ireland, DSD on DVD Data disc listener

"Yes I'd prefer the DVD, I have a few downloads, but they lack that physical connection with the music you get from deciding to listen to something, picking it out and playing it, be it Vinyl, CD, SACD etc. A bizarre view maybe!" - Duncan S., UK

Does your Blu-ray or Universal Disc Player (BDP, UDP) support SACD and media files (from USB, network, etc.)?  If it does you can buy a DSD DVD Data disc and play it like any other audio disc (CD, SACD).  NO COMPUTER REQUIRED!

You can now buy the DSD studio masters and have them mailed to you on high quality data DVD's. These discs will play in any BDP media player that supports DSD/SACD. Think of them as a USB stick, except they are DVDs instead.

Pro Quality DVD-R verified for 0 miscompares and read errors. Handmade for you, signed and shipped by the artist. The DSD Masters on disc play in your UDP/BDP like an SACD. You can archive the data as well if you like.

David Elias - DSD DVD Data Discs - Masters Shipped to You on Disc

On my OPPO 103 I place the disc in the player, close the tray, press the right arrow once to select "Music" on LED screen (no remote, no monitor on), then press the Play button.... Chill time. Other UDP players operate in similar ways.

Same exact DSD master, same exact sound quality as SACD or DSD Download. Just insert in BDP player to play. You can back up (archive) it to your computer as well and play it from there if you like.

"Crossing" and "The Window" Multichannel DSD source master audio files (DSF) are over 5 Gigabytes for each album.  Downloading 5 GB's is very challenging for some. Then when they get it, they have to make it known to their computer audio software or media server or other player library. None of that is necessary with DVD Data Discs hosting the same audio files. They play as-is from any BDP/UDP supporting SACD.


Why wait for the large DSF files to download (200MB average stereo, 500MB average Multichannel per song).

Simple purchase using secure PayPal online (any credit card or your PayPal account).

DVD-ROM Data Disc (single or double layer as needed) with DSF Masters Shipped within 48 hours


If you have any questions at all please contact David here...



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