David, new to your music. Your pick'n and lyrics are fine. Enjoy all the musicians who join you. Look'n forward to seeing you in Oct. Encouraging you to continue writing GREAT tunes! Mark
I really enjoy listening to your music...which is strange because I really don't like folkly kind of music but there is something really special about what you thank you and carry on...illegal copy 2 is really good. Simon
Hi there David and friends. I am VERY impressed with your work, both musically and recording wise, absolutly top quality and top entertainment. My system handle an amazing extra audio band decade, no joke ! from 2Hz not 20Hz as normal audio systems, I was blown away by the tricks you pulled in the subsonic range in "vision of her" :-) really cool details. Also I strongly encurage people to listen carefully to "Crossing" wow what a great masterpiece. I suggest you make a standard CD red book quality of that one, to put on the oppo site, so people can evaluate standard vs hidef audio for them self better.
I was so excited when you responded to my comment on YouTube, now I have access to your music again and can stay connected!
David, I have been listening to your music for well over 20 years. The honesty of your lyrics has always connected with me… from Light As A Rail to Help Yourself (#10). Even now when I listen to Silver Pen I think “those are my words, not yours” Good job Dave. The new website rocks too!
David & his fellow band members produce music which grabs your attention & demands to be actively listened to.Once you do you will be taken on many rewarding journeys via sound that is a crystal clear as the waters of Hawaii. As a music lover & non musician I can only salute all your efforts & hope the coconuts & fronds continue to fall for many years to come.
Nice work. mele' kaliki maka
Hi David, Your tunes are awesome David. Such a great musician. Cheers James
Site looks great, best of luck with it from Sonic Studio!
Wow fancy overhaul, awesome David ! We all love what you do ~ Mahalo
I like your music very much and from the albums on Bandcamp I have them but 2 (Lost in the green and Blue Planet), but they will be in due time.
Aloha! E Komo Mai!
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