David Elias - Independent Acoustic
DSD Downloads in Stereo and 5.1 Surround 
*New* ~ MQA Masters unfolded up to 24/352.8

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"The sound is incredible.  The loudspeakers vanish.  It sounds like you and the band are right here.  Very well done with the music and recording." - Herb B., MQA Listener

"How did you get it to sound so amazing in my funky little computer speakers?" - C.P., Music Lover hearing MQA tracks

"...the MQA sounds like you have more room to breathe,… It is just easier on the ears. In the low regions there is no distortion, even when I turn up the volume more than I would normally do and the high regions sound ‘calm’. What is even more important (I never met you in person, so maybe I am wrong), I think your voice is sounding more like the original in the MQA version." - Eric B., Audiophile

"In your work I have been amazed by the presence and intimacy of your voice that creates a closeness and a bond that is impossible not to stop and listen to the lyrics. Congratulations also for the lyrics that I would define not stories but single emotions and moods (clearly yours, but that each one can share), in one word poems. In the end I do not know if I could explain what I felt; I simply felt emotions, desire to understand and share your own emotions." - Anonymous Hi-Res Listener

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MQA Sampler by David Elias - Exclusive on Bandcamp

9 songs at different MQA Studio (Blue Light) Quality..get it here

DSD Conversions to DXD and MQA Encoded by MQA Ltd., UK

Songs from "Illegal Copy #2", "Live in San Gregorio", "Rare To Go", "Slipper DSD Sessions", "Crossing", "The Window". and an unreleased track "40 Days - Summer skies"

These studio master recordings from a variety of audio resolution sources including CD Redbook quality tracks, hi-res PCM (24/96), and DSD (2.8mHz, 1-bit converted to DXD 24/352.8). All tracks on the sampler are MQA encoded files at low bit rates (16/44.1, 24/44.1, 24/48), that can be quickly downloaded and played on any audio player with improved CD sound quality. The hi-res tracks upper frequencies are unfolded by a MQA compatible DAC or software player for even further sonic improvements.

You can hear previews of these tracks here:   Preview David Elias MQA Sampler - online for download

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NEW Exclusive MQA Releases for download!
Illegal Copy #2 (MQA Encoded)  and  Independent Acoustic Roots (MQA)

David Elias - Illegal Copy #2 - Exclusive Bandcamp Release, Preview, Download, Stream   David Elias - Independent Acoustic Roots - Original Solo Acoustic from 1995

Native DSD Album Downloads by David Elias 
Recording in DSD since 2000

 The Window - Stereo and 5.1 Mch DSD Download    Crossing - Stereo and 5.1 Mch DSD Download    Acoustic Trio - Stereo DSD Download    Slipper DSD Sessions - Stereo DSD Download    Coffeehouse DSD Playlist #1 - Stereo DSD Download

David Elias DSD album catalog - click on any album cover to read more and preview.

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David Elias DSD album catalog - click on any album cover to read more and preview.

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"Your recordings are so 'native' and unaltered it sounds like you all are 
standing in the circle in my living room doing the performance just for me."

 Now All David Elias CD and HRA Masters with MQA!...

David Elias - Rare To Go, 2015   David Elias & The CasualTees - Live in San Gregorio (24/96 master), 2009   David Elias & The Great Unknown - Half an Hour Away, 2001   David Elias - The Blue Planet, 1998   David Elias - Time Forgets, 1997   David Elias - Lost in the Green, 1996

David Elias - CD, MQA, HRA Catalog Online at Bandcamp

 NEW RELEASE for CD and Download

New CD - 10 Songs that talk story from inside the band.

New CD & CD Master Download Order a signed copy of the
cool disc
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CD Insert PDF with Lyrics, Notes, Photos

10 Songs show different sides of the band's life with music,
from studio rehearsal to studio recording and
big hall live performance.

"I don't know how you did it, cause technically its not possible, but it sounds higher res than a CD - it's awesome quality music too." - Fiona Joy, Blue Coast SACD/DSD recording artist, Grammy Winner

PS Audio ~ Sonoma Master Series 

"Bought and listened to the album “One”. Have about 40 albums with hi-res stores (from 96 kHz to DSD128), but this sound never met. It’s incredibly clean, the background is blacker than black. Musical instruments are precise, clear, but not sharp, no porridge, no noise, no haste, no bloated confusing scenes and confusion. This album has a special, unique atmosphere. This amazing adventure. Bravo!"
- Online music lover

David Elias - SACD/DSD Download Pioneer Bio
photo by Peter Buranzon, www.pacific-visuals.com

"In addition, I award David Elias a 2005 Brutus for the brilliant work that he's done with DSD in 2003 and 2005 on his exceptional recordings, 'The Window' and 'Crossing'. If you haven't treated yourself to these two exceptional recordings, you're missing what DSD can do with well recorded sources. Not only that, but David writes terrific music!" - Dr. David W. Robinson, Editor in Chief,

Positive Feedback Online PFO Brutus Award to

"In both your works ['Live in San Gregorio', 'Crossing'] I have been amazed by the presence and intimacy of your voice that creates a closeness and a bond that is impossible not to stop and listen to the lyrics. Congratulations also for the lyrics that I would define not stories but single emotions and moods (clearly yours, but that each one can share), in one word poems. In the end I do not know if I could explain what I felt; I simply felt emotions, desire to understand and share your own emotions." - Italian Film and HiFi Professional

Live in San Gregorio ... $19.95
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Recorded to DSD64 on Sonoma by Gus Skinas
Mixed and Mastered at 24/96 PCM by Charlie Natzke

See the YouTube Video!

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Stereo FLAC (24bit/96k) - $19.95 ~ PayPal is secure 

Download "Live in San Gregorio" Lyrics/Photos PDF Booklet  Live in San G. - Notes/Lyrics/Photos PDF

"Happy San G. - This album is pleasure in music and sound. Upbeat from the first, David Elias and eight other talented artists perform for us, and an appreciative local crowd, captured live over three nights at the historic San Gregorio General Store near Half Moon Bay in California. We get the feel of the place and its great acoustics, and of these fine performances. There is a flow to it all and it's obvious they're in the groove. For me, this is among the" best experiences of live music -- sounds real; makes me smile. David is a pioneer of using the latest technology and talented engineers to produce great-sounding recordings. This is one of 'em. The sense of being there, the placement of instruments and voices, their definition, natural reverb. It's all there. And the interplay of fine musicians at these special moments in their lives is wonderfully presented. Treat yourself!" - Dez Fretz

"Your music always brings a sense of delight. It's music about nothing and everything at the same time. I know that sentence sounds completely contradictory but it's what I feel. You take the simplest passing fragment of a scene - which maybe arrived fully formed in your head and maybe not - and weave a wonderfully poetic story of great complexity. In these days of psychological angst, your music is an antidote. The common semantic thread with all these tunes is frankness, honesty and acceptance without regret - so often hard to come by in today's music. Bravissimo!" - Gary R.

Recorded to 24-tracks Sonoma as DSD64 by Gus Skinas
Mixed and Mastered at 24/96 by Charlie Natzke at Slipperworld.net
Video Crew: Peter Buranzon and David Rhodes -- see the YouTube Video
Gracious Hosts: George and Joey Cattermole at the San G. General Store
Live Recording Crew: Charlie Natzke, Dr. Dem, Gus Skinas, John Nowland
Cover Photo: Peter Buranzon, Pacific-Visuals.com
All Words & Music by David Elias, Copyright David Elias, David Elias Music (ASCAP)

David Elias: Acoustic, Vocals, Harmonica
John Havard: Electric Guitar
Charlie Natzke: Semi-Acoustic, Vocals
Scott Beynon: Electric Bass, Vocals
Ken Owen: Drums
Reid Dennis: Percussion
Gary McArthur: Tenor Sax, Flute
David Phillips: Pedal Steel Guitar
Roger Powell: Keyboards

Songs: 01. Good Old Days  02. Audience of One   03. I'll Never Know Tomorrow  04. Silver Pen  05. Not Another Minute  06. Hair of the Dog  07. Save the Church  08. Poor Polly  09. Lost in the Green  10. Hummingbird

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- DE

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